Getting started on the MD

The first parts I started with were the sides.  There’s different ways you can do this.  Some people steam them to shape.   I prefer to laminate them.  This is done by taking two layers of wood, each about 1/16″ thick, and gluing them together in a mold.

In this case, I’m using flatsawn black walnut for the layer that will show, and quartersawn osage orange for the inside layer.  The reason for this is that quartersawn wood is more stable, and flatsawn wood generally has more “figure”.

Here’s a shot showing the thicknessing step.  I’m using a thickness sander that I built:

Here is one side curing in the mold:

Here it is taken out of the mold:

The same thing is done with the other side, taking care to orient the outside slat in such a way that the sides are “bookmatched”.

I forgot to mention that this will be a teardrop MD.  I find the tear drop shape to be more aesthetically pleasing to my eye.  Your mileage may vary.  🙂

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