The fretboard

Or fingerboard.  Whichever you prefer.  😉

First the FB is milled from the raw stock (just like everything else).  I’m making this one a little narrower than my previous MDs, at 1-3/8″ wide.

The nut and saddle slots are cut with a table saw.  The nut slot is straight, the saddle slot has a 2 degree angle for compensation.

Next the fret locations are marked, and cut with a hand saw:

The frets are cut to length:

Then pressed into their slots:

Before they’re all pressed in, the 6th fret is marked with an abalone dot:

All the frets are in now.

Now some braces are glued onto the back, as well as the headstock and tailblock.

Then the braces are carved to a more or less triangular shape:



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