Now that the lacquer is all done being applied:

I can finish assembling the instrument.   First, the tuners:

Before I string it up, I need to apply a coat of fingerboard oil:

While that’s soaking in, I work on the nut and saddle:

Also need to install the hitch pins:

I made a trip to Woodburn Indiana today to buy the tuners and strings from a company called Folkcraft.  Great folks (bad pun intended) and it’s nice to have them close enough to pick up stuff.

I use a razor saw to cut the slots for the strings:

Sounds pretty good!  I probably need to tweak the string heights, so when I do, I’ll try to post a video or sound clip.

The nut and saddle also need their sharp corners rounded over.


2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Thank you! The finish is a bit rough, but for some reason nobody holds MDs to the same standards as, say, guitars, so I guess it’ll do. 🙂

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