What I’m doing today

I’m working on a custom knife order.  It’s kind of a special project, in that it’s the first time I’m deliberately copying another makers design for a knife.  (I’ve copied Jimmy Fikes Jungle Honey, which is a sword.)

The knife is a Loveless Big Bear subhilt fighter.  The steel is O1, the guards are bronze, and the scales will be desert ironwood with red liners.

Today it’s mostly guard work.  I’ve already got them fitted to the blade, but they need to be shaped and certain surfaces polished before soldering them on.

The double guard slides on over the blade:

The subhilt slides over the tang, and into a notch:

and the shape is drawn on:

Showing the double guard pressed on:

Here the subhilt has been shaped:

The front surface of the double guard needs to be mirror polished before being permanently attached.  Here it’s at about 400 grit:

Once that’s done, then I need to finish polishing the blade.  Fun fun!


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