More knife work

The guards have surfaces that will be more difficult to polish after they are attached, so I’m doing it now.  Some of it will have to be re-done, but I’ll still be ahead some.

Here the main guard is at 1000 grit.

Here it is buffed:

The subhilt:

Now it’s time to finish polishing the blade.  Needless to say, polishing hardened steel is much more difficult than the soft bronze guard.   I finish up on the belt grinder at 600 grit, then I go to 1000 by hand.

Here it is at 600 grit:

Here you can see I’m just starting to remove the 600 grit scratches:

Here one half of this side is finished:

Both sides:

Now the same thing is repeated, with 1200 grit, then again with 1500 grit.

After 1500 grit, it’s time to buff.  The buffer is one of the most dangerous tools I have.  I’ve heard stories of knives being stuck in concrete walls, and guys getting their hands impaled, and I believe them.  I’ve never had an accident, thank the Lord…

To be continued…


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