This mornings work

I’ve been re-building one of the first guitars I ever made.  I had made the top from the soundboard from an old piano that I got for free.  I was trying to keep costs down for my first few builds, which was a nice concept, but the top started to develop a crack in it.  Also, I had made a mistake locating the bridge, and the result of that is that it wouldn’t play in tune all the way up the neck.  So, I decided to replace the top.  While I was at it, I replaced the back, which had lost all it’s curvature.  I did all that several weeks ago, and the lacquer has been curing since then.

Yesterday I received an order of abrasives for my orbital sander, so I finished the finish.  😉  I leveled the lacquer with 400 grit, then went to 1000 grit, then 2000, then buffed.  It turned out pretty good, but I may go back and work on some areas some more.

The back and sides are osage orange which grew in my back yard.  The top is Lutz spruce.  The rosette is desert ironwood with abalone Zipflex.  The neck is mahogany.  The headstock veneer is desert ironwood.  The fingerboard, binding, and bridge are ebony.

Here the neck is bolted on:

Now the strings are put on, though the saddle will have to be shortened later to dial in the action:

I managed to get the string spacing right first try.  Such a pain on 12 string guitars…

The back:

Any comments or questions (on this or any other post) are welcome.




2 thoughts on “This mornings work

  1. I love the abalone. My guitar (Blueridge BR-70) has abalone inlay, but it’s still just like all the other BR-70s out there… I like the way 12 string guitars sound. I’ve only been able to play around with them at music stores and that sort of thing, though.

  2. Yeah, the 12 string has a pretty unique sound. I was inspired to try to play it after seeing some of Leo Kottke’s youtube videos. He’s a little better than me. 😉

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