No, not human babies.  I think I might prefer that.  Actually, some friends of ours are going on a trip until Friday, so we had to go to their place and take care of their dozen or so chickens, 5 kids, 3 does, 3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 guinea pig.  Not to mention hundreds of garden plants.

The goats are the most interesting critters, so I’ll pretty much just talk about them.

These goats are descended from some that we ourselves had years ago.  We got tired of how much work they were, and the fact that they were NOT earning their keep, so we got rid of them.

Did you ever see Jurassic Park?  I’ve thought about making my own version of that movie, but with farm animals instead of dinosaurs.  The goats would be the velociraptors.  If you’ve seen the movie, and you’ve had goats, you should know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the kids are being raised to sell.  One is a male, the others are all female.  They all have names, but I don’t remember them.  I would give them easy-to-remember names like Chuck (short for Charles) Roast, and Sir Loin, but that’s just me….

Now, the owners decided not to let the kids nurse, but instead are milking the adults, then bottle feeding the milk to the kids.  This is because the doelings are going to be sold as dairy goats, and they’ll be more tame if they’re bottle fed.  The male is being fattened up to be sold for meat.

Long story short (too late) it’s a lot of work.  It took us 45 minutes this evening, and we get to do it 8 more times before the owners come back.

But, I did get some good pictures.  I took 50, but I’ve whittled it down to 20 that I’m going to post.  Aren’t you glad.  😀

Here’s one of the momma goats in the milking stand, also known as “stanchion”.  We have to tie their feet down, or else they’ll “kick the bucket”.

Some shots of the young ones:

I love this one.  The perspective makes it look like a caricature.  BTW, it’s really hard to get good photos of kids.  They don’t hold still…

Some shots of their semi crippled chocolate Lab, Blossom.  A good natured dog, but not well trained at all.

Feeding the kids:

Where’s mine?!

Here’s another of the adults:

The kids saying goodbye:

A shot of their front garden:

The guinea pig is kind of cute.  They told me that the cats like to play with it.  I told them guinea pigs are just big mice.  They disagreed.  Whatever.  😉

“Til next time,

2 thoughts on “Babysitting

  1. Awww…how cute! It threw me off when you said “not human babies” but then listed kids in the list of what you’re taking care of. Lol! It took me a blonde minute to figure that out. 🙂 I like cows, but those goats are cute! I never tied my cows’ legs, but I had one that loved to “kick the bucket.” Made me want to REALLY make her kick the bucket!!! She also kicked my face once..and arm…and shin….not a nice girl!

    Mom and Dad had goats a long time ago, and the nice folks we got them from said they were great milk goats, and they would deliver them. Yep. They weren’t good milkers at all and we couldn’t get near them. We ended up naming them “Super-Spook” and “Not-So-Scary” …pretty self explainatory!!! I prefer cows, so when I was going to have a milk animal, I chose cows. My mom is scared of big animals…

    Anyway, those animals are adorable! And that latest guitar is incredible!!!

  2. I’d rather have a cow too. Goats are experts at escaping, and they don’t thrive on just grass. I want a Jersey. Nice, small cow, and high butterfat content.

    Kids can be very cute, but they grow up into big, destructive fiends. LOL If you build it, they will break it…

    Your parents story sounds like ours. We bought three young females from an old lady who claimed their moms were great milkers. Well, maybe their moms were, but only one of the ones we got was any good, and that’s the one we sold to our friends. They were tame, though.

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