New tool

Well, I’ve actually been sick most of the last 10 days, so there hasn’t been much to blog about, unless counting the knots in our wood ceiling amuses you…

But, I did get a tool that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and will help me a lot in my knifemaking.  It is, a surface grinder.

Thing weighs about 1300 pounds, and was a pain to unload, but we made it, and only almost tipped it over once.  😉

I’m feeling pretty much back to normal, so I have several knives in the pipe line, and will post them as they get finished.

For now, here’s another chefs knife I sold a couple weeks ago.

The specs:

Steel: 154CM stainless steel

Hardness: 58-59 RC

Blade length: 7.5″

Total length: 12″

Blade thickness: a little over 3/32″, I think

Handle material: ivory micarta with red liners

It’s sort of a Westernized santoku.


3 thoughts on “New tool

  1. I like the handle on this one, but I think I prefer the shape of the blade on the other chef knives. I wonder how the shape affects the use of the knife? I guess you probably have to alter the way you cut, maybe? I should look into that…

  2. Maybe you should get one of each. 😉 Actually, the santoku shape is pretty new to me, but it’s the first knife I reach for nowadays. Hard to explain the difference, but it is better for some things than the french chefs knife. I wouldn’t want to be without either style.

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