It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it still is.  😉   The only reason I’m posting about it is that I was just out in it, with a gun and a flashlight, looking for a racoon that’s killed at least 15 chicks and one adult chicken.

Let me back up.  Several weeks ago we got a shipment of day old chicks in.  Fortunately, we also had a hen that was “broody”.  So we stuck all the chicks in a cage with her, and after a few days, she forgot that they weren’t her own.  We like to have chicks raised by adult chickens whenever possible.  They end up smarter and healthier that way.

But anyway, today my dad found a bunch of chicken parts scattered around the yard, and discovered that 15 of the 26 chicks we got are missing (or partly missing) and momma hen is nowhere to be found.  😦  So, we decided to go out after dark and see if we could catch the culprit in the act.  It figures we do this on a night when it’s thunder storming.  😉

It was just starting to rain when we got out there, but I shone my flashlight out towards a group of trees in the middle of our field, and saw a very good sized racoon about 50 feet from the trees.  I took aim and fired, but I was about 100 feet from it, and  the only light I had was my flashlight and the occasional lightning.  I don’t know if I hit it, but it took off for the deep woods a couple hundred feet away.

My dad decided to call it a day, but I kept looking for it some.  I got close to the group of trees (but not close enough to get poison ivy!) and discovered 4 young coons, waiting obediently where their mom left them when she exited the scene to save her own worthless skin….

So, I did the only sensible thing.  I shot them all.

With a camera.  🙂

The first two pics were lit by my flashlight, the others I used the cameras flash.


I probably should have killed them, but I’ll wait until their mom shows up again.  I hate to split up a family. LOL

Now, you might get the impression that I don’t like coons.  If so, you’re very perceptive.  😉  They are beautiful, but nasty critters.

Back when we were raising poultry to sell, we lost 5 chickens in one night to coons.  The next night, we lost 2 coons to a .22 rifle.  🙂  We were raising the chickens in contraptions called “chicken tractors” (movable coops, basically), and the coons were reaching under the edge and pulling off drumsticks.  Needless to say chickens can’t live long with only one drumstick…

Anyway, I hope this post isn’t too morbid.  I’m just keepin’ it real.  🙂  Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have some pictures of momma coon to share.  😉


2 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night…

  1. Well, that’s about as real as it gets when you’re raising chickens! Coons are cute…although they’re much cuter playing in the creek than when eating the chickens! You didn’t want to eat her??? Dave cooked one up once…but I wouldn’t get anywhere near it!

  2. Yes, coons are cute, but very destructive. And no, I wouldn’t eat it. Blech! I don’t even care much for chicken. The smell of cooking chicken just about makes me gag.

    Possums, while much uglier, are a lot nicer. I’ve caught them before with my hands, and while they’re not friendly, at least they don’t try to shred you.

    I shot another coon this morning, and we’re pretty sure there’s at least one more that’s been feasting at our little all-you-can-eat buffet. We’ve lost about 25 birds in the last several days. This is war! 😉

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