New toy

I mentioned in a previous post about the new digital recorder I bought.  I like it because it enables me to post sound clips without showing myself.  😉

So, here is the recorder itself, in it’s protective silicon case, which is important when you have hard floors like we do.

And isn’t that the cutest little tripod.  It didn’t come with the H2, it came with my camera; I just like it more than the one that did come with the H2.

And here is a song.  It’s not that great.  It’s amazing how you can play a song five times in a row just fine, but when the recorder goes on, you just can’t get it right.  So, after about ten takes, I decided to call it quits and this is it.

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring.

On the plus side, it actually makes me sound better than I am.  🙂

More to come.


6 thoughts on “New toy

  1. Um…wow.

    That is a cute tripod…I have one just like it that came with my camera a while back. I was excited to be getting a tripod with it, for my cooking pictures, but it doesn’t work for me…not high enough.

    But wow…really.

    • Is that a “Wow, he’s awful” or a “Wow, not too bad”?

      That’s my best piece, and it’s taken me about a year and a half to learn it. I’m still adding to it. It’s a struggle for me to play more than one note at a time….

  2. That was a “Wow, that was incredible!” I am in awe of anyone who can play classical guitar…or fingerpicking of any kind. That was beautiful!

    • Well, I wouldn’t call it incredible, but thank you. 🙂 Watch this video. This guy IS incredible:
      I want to be like him when I grow up. 😉

      I was going to record the same piece on a six string and twelve string for a side by side comparison, but I broke my index finger nail yesterday, so that’s going to have to wait. I might post some mountain dulcimer music in the meantime, since I use a pick for that.

  3. He is good…but I let everyone in the family hear your clip and when they said “wow, who is that?!” they were really impressed. We were all impressed.

    Sunday, when we went to a church in CO, the pastor’s wife and daughter told me I looked 16. The pastor was talking to my dad about the power women (wives, mainly) have over men, and he looked at me and said something about being careful “when I grew up!” I nearly died laughing…he was only 30!!!

    I like 12 string guitars…I’ve played around with a couple before, but not much. They sound nice. 🙂 I’d love to hear some dulcimer clips…

    • That’s funny. Most people think I look about 10 years younger than I am. It runs in the family. Not too long ago, people would call and my mom would answer the phone, and they would ask if her parents are home. 😀

      I think the best story of ours is the time my dad was checking out at Walmart with a friend of ours who is several years older than him, but doesn’t look any older. The cashier asked if my dad was her son. She was some kind of mad. 😀

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