Making myself a classical.

Guitar, that is.   I sold my best one recently, so now I need to replace it.  Also, the guy who bought it, ordered another one, and I want to try a different bracing scheme, but I don’t want to experiment on his.

I’m not going to be posting a lot of pictures of this build.  Cooler weather is coming, and I need to take advantage of it and do a lot of forging this next week, so I’m not going to have a lot of time for building or posting.  But I will be working on the guitar on weekends, and when I can’t work on knives, so here are some pics showing the making of the rosette.

This is what’s called a radial rosette.  It’s made by cutting a bunch of wedges of wood (desert ironwood burl, in this case), and gluing them to a sacrificial board with some black strips in between:


Then a router with a circle cutting jig is used to make it round on the inside and out:




Now the ring is cut free of the board:



Now the channel is routed out on the soundboard:


And the ring is glued in:


That’s all until the glue dries…


10 thoughts on “Making myself a classical.

    • I have a Blueridge BR-70, steel string…it’s my bluegrass guitar that I play nearly all the time. Then a while back, my grandpa gave me his classical…and I have no idea what to with it. It says “Matador” on it, but there isn’t a label inside, so I don’t know much about it. I just fool around with it a little, with a couple banjo-type roll patterns I learned a long time ago. It’s pretty pitiful… 🙂

      • So, now that you have a classical, are you going to learn how to play? If so, I have some suggestions which may or may not be useful to you. 🙂

  1. Well, it’s hasn’t been a priority…yet. I’d like to learn eventually, but that’s just been one of those “it would be neat to do that someday” kind of things so far! And I’d like to have a teacher…I’d rather learn with a teacher, which is why my fiddling hasn’t gone very far in the past few years. Shame on me…

    I’m open to suggestions though! 🙂

    • Well, my suggestions were for if you were going to teach yourself. So since you want to go to a teacher, never mind. 🙂

  2. But I don’t have a teacher and probably won’t get one. Let’s try again:

    Dear Phillip,

    I’m definitely thinking about teaching myself classical guitar and I’ve heard sound clips that suggest that you’re a really good guitarist. What suggestions do you have that would help me?

    Thank you for any and all help you may be able to offer.



    • LOL! First off, sound clips can be decieving. I’m a novice guitarist, but I daydream about being good. 😉
      I really don’t want to put myself forward as some kind of expert, because I’m not, but I’ll go ahead and share what I did to get started teaching myself. So, look out for an email.

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