Some misc stuff

Well, the big news this week is that it rained!  Real hard, for about 20 minutes, but we’re grateful.

Photographic proof:



Also, got my go-bar deck, which I have mentioned in previous posts, working.



The way it works, in case it’s not obvious, is those rods (which are fiberglass) are bent so they fit inside the deck, and the bottom end is placed on top of a brace which has had glue applied to it’s underside.  This whole contraption takes the place of the cam clamps that I used to use, and which have some downsides.  The rods push straight down, whereas clamps sometimes want to shift the piece you’re gluing, which can be a pain.  Also, I can glue down more braces at once this way.

Anyway, I like it a lot more.  🙂



My dad and I had planned to go biking on the River Greenway, which is a bike/walking/jogging path which follows the three rivers here in Fort Wayne.  I had two bikes, one a mountain bike and one a road bike.  The mountain bike is a lot of work to use on pavement, and the brakes didn’t work on the road bike, so I mixed them together.  I put the wheels/tires from the road bike on the other one.  Now I can lock the brakes on pavement, and can go a lot farther.  I think we biked between 15 and 20 miles today…   I now have 15 speeds where it was 21 before, but it’s still good.



Also made 7 loaves of bread this week, but no pictures.




2 thoughts on “Some misc stuff

    • Yeah, that picture is cool. I love storms.

      Me too! It should be my best classical yet. We shall see. I’m using osage orange for the back and sides, so the color won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes. 😀

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