Real creative title, eh?

Anyway, I know I said I wasn’t going to post more pictures of the guitar I’m working on, but that’s about all I have to post about right now.  I did get a lot done on a knife today, but I won’t have pictures until it’s done, hopefully tomorrow.

So, guitar pics.

Here’s the sound board with all the braces glued on and carved.   It’s all ready to attach to the sides:

Here it is actually being attached to said sides:

Here’s the back all ready to go:

That was all a few days ago.  Today I routed the binding and purfling channels, and started installing the binding and purfling:

I’m using curly maple for the binding.  The last osage guitar I built, I used ebony, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this will look.

In other news, that blue handled knife I posted awhile back finally sold today, after a few price drops.  Yay!   I hate to drop prices, but I’m glad it’s gone…

Also, here’s another sound clip.   Same song as the last one, but it’s played on a 12 string guitar:

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring, 12 string

Thanks for reading, and listening.

Oh, and anyone, please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  🙂


One thought on “Stuff

  1. Anyone?

    Ok, 1st: I like the title. 😉 I have a hard time with titles.

    2nd: I really enjoy seeing all the pictures of the processes of projects. I think the guitar is going to be stunning.

    3rd: I love 12-strings, and you sound good.

    4th: Someone else pleeeeaaaase leave a comment. Pretty please. With cherries on top. 😀

    5th: Looking forward to seeing the knife.


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