More guitar pics

Here I’ve got all the binding on, and as the pictures progress, you can see things start to clean up.  I used a pneumatic orbital sander for the clean up.








Now it’s time to fit the neck.  Neck angle is part of the process that I’ve not gotten right most of the time.  I think it’s pretty good on this one.


On a classical the neck tilts the opposite way that it does on a steel string.  Because of this, the bottom of the fingerboard extension has to be ramped:


Here it’s “dry” assembled. The neck won’t be attached until the finish is finished.  And actually, I’m using a bolt on neck, and won’t be gluing the FB extension, so I’ll be able to easily remove it if need be.



More to come tomorrow.  Thanks for following along, and please, anyone is welcome to comment or ask questions if I’m not making something clear.



4 thoughts on “More guitar pics

  1. I really like the guitar pics, and thank you for taking the time to upload them and explain what you’re doing! I love the way the grain on the back looks…is that the osage orange wood?

    With that said, can I pick on you for a sec? The fig and apple bars in the background…those are sooo not healthy! In fact, I did a little research here real quick (ok, so I downloaded the picture and zoomed in so I could see the label, and then I google the name brand to find the nutrition label…) and found an ingredient list. Wow…talk about all kinds of corn syrup and hydrogenated oils…

    BTW, what’s “corn binder” on that list? Sounds like a piece of machinery, if you ask me. 😉

    Ok, all jokes aside, the guitar is awesome! And I enjoy junk food, too. 🙂

    • Yep, that yellow wood is osage orange.

      I did actually read the ingredients list before I bought them. I just bought them anyway. 😉 Actually, they were some of the healthier stuff on the shelf… :O At least they have some fiber, and even some real fruit. 😀

    • Yeah the club has been joined, but I’m really trying hard to exercise some self control. I want to get down to my optimum weight this year yet…
      That’s why I bought two packages of “fruit bars”, I guess. (scratches head) 😀

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