New anvil!

I’ve been wanting a nice anvil for several years now, but they are very hard to find, at least around here.  Every now and then I check Craigslist, and recently, saw a Mankel anvil only 15 minutes from here, so I jumped on it.

It was advertised as 125#, but when I picked it up, I knew it was less than that.  Felt like about 100# when I got it off the truck.  By the time I got to the gate, it felt like 300#.  When I got it in the house, I was sure it was a 500 pounder.  😉

I weighed it, and it’s actually 111, which is about what the one I have now weighs.  But this one is a better brand, with better heat treating, so it should perform much better.

My old one:

The new one.  It’s in almost new condition.


Coming up, more guitar pics.


Edited to add some more pics of the anvil.  I modified my stand.  It used to be just wood, but I added a couple big chunks of steel underneath to add mass.







5 thoughts on “New anvil!

    • Well, Dave ought to know. I’ll bet he’s seen a lot more anvils than I have. 🙂

      I’m actually done spraying the finish on the guitar, I’m just way behind on posting. Should have it strung up in less than 2 weeks.

      • Well, get with it! What have you been doing anyway?

        Haha…just kidding. That’s usually what people say to me (or mean, by what they say!) when I don’t post, and it makes you want to strangle them or something. 🙂 Ok, maybe just say something smart, instead of strangle, but you know what I mean!

        So, please don’t strangle me. 😉

  1. Don’t worry, no strangling here. 🙂

    If it’s a choice between getting something done, and posting about getting something done, it’s probably wise to get something done. Not saying that’s what I always do, but it sounds good…

    It’s getting late, but I think I might squeeze in one batch of pictures yet.

  2. I know about that…once, a long time ago, I wrote on my blog something about why I hadn’t been blogging a lot. I said something to the effect of I was busy doing what everyone else was blogging about doing! Not sure I want to know what that means these days… I know you usually can find time for what you like to do, to an extent, so…I guess I like to blog! A quiet person’s way of talking a lot, I guess. 🙂

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