Yet more guitar pics

Some shots of the bridge.  This one was too heavy (38 grams, where it should be 25) so I removed some more material after these pictures were taken.


Here I’m shaping the underside of the bridge so it fits the dome of the guitar top:





Now some shots after it’s been sprayed with lacquer:






Now it’s time to work on the neck.  I usually use my belt grinder to shape it, but this time I used mostly hand tools to carve it.  The grinder is faster, but the hand tools are much quieter.  😉


First the finger board has to be glued on:






That’s all for now.



2 thoughts on “Yet more guitar pics

    • Well, thank you for coming over and trying it out! It sounds better when you play it than when I do. LOL I think it’s opened up some; it sounds better than it did yesterday.

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