Miscellaneous pics

I just mailed the knife I posted about awhile back, so I thought I’d post some pics of the sheath, and the hamon:





Now here’s a shot of a damascus billet I’ve been working on some this week.  It’s going to be a Turkish Twist pattern.  The way it’s made is you take a billet of about 60 layers, draw it out into a 1/2″ square bar, then cut it into 7 pieces, and twist 4 pieces clockwise, and 3 counter clockwise.  Then forge them square again, and weld them together, with CW touching CCW.  I’ll post pics of the finished knife, if I ever finish it.  I have so many blades that I’ve started and then quit….

Turkish twist is one of the most beautiful patterns, in my opinion, but it’s very time consuming and wasteful of material.



And here’s a pic of the neck for the guitar I’ve been working on, after spraying with lacquer:


And last but not least, a photo of some water vapor.  😉





5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous pics

  1. I have a Canon SD4000 IS. It’s a very compact camera, and takes very good pictures. I got it because it does better in low light situations than any other camera in it’s price range that I could find. The only thing I don’t like it about it is it only has 3.8 X optical zoom. But I still have my S5 for that.

    What camera do you have? Does it have adjustable white balance?

  2. I have a Fugifilm FinePix S1800. It has a ton of settings, so I’m sure it has adjustable white balance, but I know practically nothing about adjusting the settings to get what I want. Most of the time, I just switch settings over and over trying to get what looks good to me. I don’t do any computer editing, so I want to get a picture that looks good “straight out of the camera.” I need to spend more time learning about photography, I’m sure.

    I just needed a camera right away and found this one refurbished, for a cheaper price. It does have an 18X zoom, and I use that a LOT. Like I said, it may be that it’s a great camera and I just don’t know enough to utilize the settings properly!

  3. Yep, just play around with the white balance settings and you’ll probably get what you’re looking for. If all else fails, read the manual. 😀

    Cameras are fun. Here’s our dog, Lizzy, with the “fisheye” feature on:

  4. But the manual is confusing. It’s much easier to spend months and months fussing with the different settings, trying to make pictures look good.

    Ok, so maybe I should study logic again… 😉

    Your dog is sweet…she liked me. I have the different photo effects on my iPod and I did the fisheye thing to a picture of Dave. I’m not so sure he appreciated it. 😛

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