Yesterdays work

Besides grinding on some knife blades, here’s some more progress pics of my classical.

Yesterday I “finished the finish”. I used an orbital sander with 400 grit to level the lacquer, then 1000 grit to remove those scratches. I usually go higher, but decided to quit there and see how it looks. It’s not too bad. If this were for a customer, I’d put more time into it, but this is for me, so I’m stopping there.

Then it gets buffed to a mirror shine.

Then the bridge is glued on. The bridge I showed earlier was desert ironwood, but I decided to make one out of rosewood for a couple reasons. One, DI is too heavy for a classical bridge, and two, I made the saddle slot too close to the edge, and I’m afraid it might split there.

I used to use deep c-clamps to glue the bridge one, but now I use a vacuum clamp, which is soooo nice:

The way it works is, you apply glue to the bridge, put it in place (a masking tape border is used to make sure it doesn’t shift around) put the clamp on for 10 minutes, clean up the glue squeeze-out, then put the clamp back on for 20 minutes.


I won’t be able to finish it until Friday, when the tuners arrive.  I’ll post more pics then, and maybe even a sound clip.


2 thoughts on “Yesterdays work

  1. Thanks! Can’t wait ’til the tuners get here… But the box sounds very musical when tapped, which is good in a musical instrument. 😉

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