Guitar is (mostly) finished.

Ok, here’s the semi-final batch of pictures. I need to find some good lighting to take some glamor shots, but here’s some of installing the tuners and stringing it up.

First tuner:

Both tuners:

In case anyone out there was thinking I was perfect, (ha!) I put the tuners on the wrong sides.  In my defence, I looked, and one was marked “L”, which I took to mean “left”, and one was marked “R”, which I took to mean “right”. Sounds logical, right? Well, I installed the one marked “L” on the left, and the one marked “R” on the right, and it was obviously wrong. So I took them off and put them on correctly. Now there’s a couple screw holes to fill.

The strings:

Putting them on:

Then action is too high, so I’ll have to adjust the neck angle, but that was expected. I’ll let it settle in for a couple weeks before I do that.

They say you shouldn’t judge the sound of a guitar right away, because things will change over time, but it does seem better than my previous classicals. It’s louder, and the trebles and bass are more balanced.

Because of the color scheme, I’m calling this one my “blonde” guitar.  It’s just as good as any other color guitar, you just have to talk to it kind of slow.



4 thoughts on “Guitar is (mostly) finished.

  1. Hmm, well, they probably do mean left and right, but the manufacturer must be looking at the guitar from the back side. :confused:

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