Some better photos of my new classical.

Without further ado:

Sound clip coming later, if all goes well….

Edited to add sound clips.

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring:  (anyone getting tired of this one yet?)

Minuet in G:


6 thoughts on “Some better photos of my new classical.

  1. Is the body smaller than an acoustic guitar? I know the fingerboard is wider…my classical has a wider neck than my acoustic, but I don’t think the body is much different.

    It looks great! I really like the osage orange on the back…the grain lines look neat.

  2. Steel string guitars come in different body sizes, and even different fingerboard widths. Yours is a dreadnought if I’m not mistaken, which is pretty big, so yes, this does have a smaller body. The lower bout is around 14.5″ wide, and the body is around 19″ long, and 3.5″ deep.

    Yeah, the osage on this one is primo.

    Btw, just added sound clips.

  3. Just listened to your clips. You play very well. I thought you said you could only play one note at a time. I think I heard more than one in couple of places. You can add “guitar player” to your accomplishments.


    • Thanks Chris!
      The majority of tunes I know are single note melodies. There’s just two or three that I’ve put more time into and learned some of the harmony notes, and those are the ones I recorded.

  4. I didn’t even realize dreadnaught was a shape…shows how much I know about it! Mom was sitting here when I played the clips and she said “wow…” in a good way. Sounded great!

    I just measured my acoustic and the lower bout is 15.5″, 19.5″ long, and 4″ deep. Doesn’t look that different written out!

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