A blast from the past.

Well, sort of.  I was going through a drawer full of old knives, and thought I’d post some pics of them.  Maybe some of my readers need a laugh or something….

This group here (except the little one on the left) were all made about 10 years ago, and were supposed to be for my future wife.  Well, I’m still single, and my knife making skills are much better now, so I need to start a new set.  These are going in the trash.  Look at the hollow grind on the knife on the right.  Horrible!  Even Pakistani sweatshops turn out better stuff than that.  LOL  They’re all stainless steel, heat treated in our fireplace, since I didn’t have a proper oven at the time.  Before I trash them, I’m going to test the hardness and see if I got anywhere close with the heat treat.  I’ll be sure to share the results here.  😀

Next group:

The knife on the left was one I made in 2003 or 2004.   My grandfather bought it or traded it from me.  When he passed away in 2007, it made it’s way back to me.

The next one is the second blade I forged, back in the fall of 2004.  I used a small coal forge I bought off of fleabay.  Now I use propane.  Prior to this, all my blades were made via the stock removal method. (grinding)

The next one is my first attempt at a Japanese short sword. (wakizashi)  It’s pretty sad too.  Sharp, though.

The next one is the knife I used to pass the ABS Journeyman Smith performance test, in 2007.  The test involves cutting free hanging 1″  hemp rope, then chopping through a 2X4 twice, then it has to still be sharp enough to shave hair.  Then it’s put in a vise and bent 90 degrees.   If it doesn’t break, you pass.   I passed, but they give you 3 years to take 5 completed knives to the Blade show in Atlanta for judging, and I never got around to it, so I’ll have to re-take the test.

I have some video clips of the tests.  I might upload them to my youtube account one of these days…

The next knife is like the first, but with uglier handle material.

The last one in this group is a filet knife I made.  Today I bent it to demonstrate that it wasn’t hardened properly.  🙂

I’ll be tossing half of these.

In this group, the bottom knife is the first damascus fixed blade I made.  Probably in 2006 or 2007.

Middle one is the first blade I forged.

Top knife is nothing special.  Interesting damascus pattern though.

Bonne nuit,



16 thoughts on “A blast from the past.

  1. With better knives will your prospects of matrimony improve along with possibly a better quality wife? I mean… I’m just saying ya know. If you get really good at it, (and I don’t know how you top where you are )You could hold out for oh.. I dunno…Well never mind. But I digest.

    Anyway your latest knives (yes I looked) are beatiful just like your guitars. I think you can do anything well.

    What kind of music does a thinker like yourself like? CRL.

    • I never made a connection between the quality of my work, and the quality of my future spouse. 😕 🙂 Better knives (actually, a better work ethic and pricing ability) will help me be financially ready for marriage, but as for the girl herself, there’s things I’m looking for, and not looking for, and most young ladies nowadays just don’t match what I have in mind.

      Well, thanks for the compliments! It seems like I can make anything but money. 😥 😉

      I don’t really stick to any one genre of music. I appreciate beautiful music, and there’s some in most every genre. As a general rule, I don’t like country music (you know, the stuff they play at Rural King and TSC), hard rock, and I positively despise hip hop.

      I used to think that most of classical guitar music was boring, but lately I’ve been getting into it more. I have three of Christopher Parkenings cds on hold at the library right now.

      • Just kidding about your wife. Whoever it turns out to be she will have to be one in a million because you are unlike any 20 something I’ve ever met. ( what with your many accomplishments )

        As for making money, I’ve always heard that to be a success in a America all you have to do is what you love and the money will follow.

        If you haven’t heard it yet check out “princess of the pagodas” performed by Parkening. Also I recomend you listen to pieces by Barrios. Probably the greatest guitar composer of all time ( in classical)


  2. People are going to wonder if I paid you to come on here and say nice things about me. LOL Thanks though.

    So, I need to quit knife making and go full time with guitars. 😉 I don’t think my waiting knife customers would be too thrilled with that. 🙂

    I’ll try to hear that one, and I’ll look up Barrios too.

  3. I want one so bad! I’m trying to sell stuff now that I’ve had laying around and just not using…but that’s just to pay back my dad, who keeps bailing me out. Like with $400 car insurance. 😦 I’m going to see about a consignment account for my purses today…pray that works out well!

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