The Dark ages.

We are in them.

Our phone line went dead yesterday or the day before, and that means no internet too.  I’m posting this from the parking lot of a doughnut shop.  The doughnut shop is across the street from a library, and the library has wi fi.  :mrgreen:

So, if anyone needs to contact me quickly, the best way is probably carrier pigeons.  Next best, snail mail.  Go ahead and try email.  I might come check it tomorrow.

Verizon is supposed to come tomorrow to fix it….


5 thoughts on “The Dark ages.

  1. You sure you weren’t inside the doughnut shop??? 😉 We heard a comedian once who said he was on this diet, and he was just dying for a Krispy Creme doughnut. He prayed and said “Lord, if it’s your will that I eat a doughnut, let there be an empty parking space right in front of Krispy Creme.”

    Whaddya know…the fourth time around the block, there was a space! 🙂

    • That’s funny!

      Actually, I didn’t feel right using their parking spot without buying anything, so I bought some. 😀 I did limit it to three doughnuts, though, since I’m trying to lose weight. :mrgreen:

  2. So…why didn’t you park in the library parking lot??? 😉 LOL! I don’t remember the last time I had a doughnut…now I’m wanting one, and I’M on a diet!

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