Todays work.

I started an experimental instrument.  I recently ran across a thread where someone mentioned something called a “Virzi plate”.  What it is, is a thin, flexible plate of spruce or cedar that’s glued to the underside of the soundboard on an instrument (with space between).  It’s supposed to make a big (positive) difference in the tone, at some sacrifice in volume.  This guy was putting it on an archtop guitar, but I’m putting one in a bowed psaltery.  Bp’s are too loud anyway, and they go together so quickly, so I thought that would be a good instrument to start with.

So, here’s a few pics of the BP, in various stages of assembly.

Gluing together the pin block:

Gluing the A-frame:

The soundboard, which is made from slices off a 4X4 fencepost:

The back, which is mahogany:

The top, cut to shape and thicknessed:

The rosette/soundhole added:

The Virzi plate itself:

The label.  Real classy, huh?

The top is glued to the finished frame, and then the plate is glued on:

Then the back is glued on:

More tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Todays work.

  1. Do you get the carved piece in the sound hole from a luthier supply? Also, do you move from one project to another in the same day like, blade work to instrument to blog etc..?


    • Hey Chris,
      Yep, I got the rosette from Folkcraft, in Woodburn. They have a CNC laser that cuts them out. 😎 They also have a CNC router that I would so love to have…

      Here’s their rosette page. They have quite a variety.

      Usually, I don’t have any real schedule or plan as far as what I work on. Sometimes if I have knives tempering or glue setting, I’ll work on instruments. Sometimes I just feel (or don’t feel) like doing one or the other. I’ve learned that if I try to force myself to work when I don’t feel like it, the quality suffers. That’s also when accidents are more likely, so, in the long run, it’s cheaper to take the day off sometimes. 🙂

      Thanks for the questions!

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