New project

I’m building a ukulele.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I always thought ukes were kind of a cheesy instrument.   After all, Adam Sandler plays ukulele, right?  But I saw this video and just had to make one.  😀

So, I’m doing it on the cheap.  I already had a set of ukulele tuners that I bought for another project and ended up not using.  I’m using scraps of rosewood for the headstock veneer.  The fingerboard was one I was going to use for a guitar, but I goofed and made it too narrow.  So I just cut it shorter and it’s perfect for this.  The body and neck are all mahogany from Menards.  The spruce bracing is cut-offs from making guitar braces.  I’ll probably have about $25 in this instrument…

So, some pictures.

The bridge and fretboard:


The soundboard:

BTW, the tops on ukes are scary thin.  This one is .060″ at the thickest.  😮


The neck


The sides, before bending:


The back:


Gluing on some of the braces:


More tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “New project

  1. We spent forever on YouTube looking at all of that kid’s videos…crazy! Dad said “that’s just not right!”

    If we all could be like Adam Sandler…lol!

    Boiled peanuts are good. 😉

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