Almost the final ukulele pics

Still have to put strings on.  🙂  I’m waiting for the glue holding the bridge on to cure.  I’d hate for it to pop off the first time I string it…

So while I’m waiting, here’s more in-progress pics.


Neck carving:


Now it’s all sanded, the bridge area is masked off, and it’s ready to spray.  I decided not to bother with pore filling and making everything perfect, like guitar people expect.  This one isn’t going to be for sale, and I don’t mind things a bit rougher.  Especially since it means I can be lazy without guilt.  😉





I sprayed one coat, which raised the grain, so I sanded it smooth and shot several more coats and then let it cure overnight.  Looks good to me.  😉




While the finish was hardening, I worked on the bridge.  I used rosewood, and patterned it after a classical guitar bridge.  It’s just smaller.


The string holes have to be drilled.  I made a special, high tech jig for doing that:





This morning I glued the bridge on.   What a pain!  I can’t fit my hand through the soundhole, so positioning the bridge clamping caul was a nightmare.  But I conquered.




I think next time I’ll glue the bridge on before gluing on the back.



I also have the tuners installed, and the nut and saddle all ready to go.





Should have it strung up very soon.



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