What I’ve been up to lately

I’m working on a 12 string OM guitar which will hopefully be for sale.  I’m also working on a “jumbo” ukulele, but I don’t have any pictures of that yet.

So, here’s the assembled sides in their mold.  I’m still in love with my go-bar deck and molds.  I don’t know how I got by without them before…

Bracing the back:

Gluing the back to the rim:




The basic idea behind soundboard bracing is to make the top strong enough to withstand the tension of strings (around 175 pounds for six string, almost twice that for a 12 string) but yet flexible enough that it can produce sound when the strings are plucked.

The first braces I glue on the top are the finger braces, and the soundhole braces.  That’s because they are much easier to carve before the other braces are in place.


After rough carving them, I glue on the “tone bars”:


and the upper cross strut:


All the undersides of the braces are sanded to a 28′ radius, and are then glued onto the soundboard sitting in the 28′ radius dish.


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