More soundboard bracing

Here’s the tone bars rough carved.  I say rough carved because I may have to remove more material when I “voice” the top.  More on that later.


The cross strut carved.  I have to sand it smooth yet:


Here’s the rosette, which, of course, goes on before everything else:


Now I have to make sure that the X brace will fit between all the other braces snugly, as well as cut the notch at the intersection:




Then the braces are arched like the others, and glued on:







5 thoughts on “More soundboard bracing

    • This rosette was pretty thick, so I inlaid it part way in, then trimmed off the extra. After the wood part was in, then I routed out the channels for the abalone, and inlaid that most of the way in, since it’s not very thick.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to start spraying this weekend.

      BTW, have you tried selling anything on Etsy yet? I started a store on there, for selling lower end stuff… My post(mistress?) was talking about it and I decided to give it a try.

      • I haven’t tried Etsy. Someone suggested it, instead of Ebay, but every time I tried selling (purses) on Ebay, I was able to get around the listing fees. Ebay does take a percentage of the selling, and I don’t know how Etsy compares with that. If I sold more online, I’d probably look into it more thoroughly; for now, I’m just selling through one local store. If I was able to do the leatherwork I want to do, I’d definitely try it. Probably be smart to look into it anyway…

        I’m such a help…Lol!

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