The last soundboard pics

Now the X brace has to be carved.  I start by scalloping the lower ends:

The upper arms of the X are not scalloped, but have a gentle arch, like so:

Then the  cross section is carved round:

And the lower arms are carved into a more or less triangular shape:

Now the bridge patch is made and installed.  It is made out of flat sawn osage orange, and it is sanded to match the radius of the top.

The intersection of the X needs to be capped also.  Sometimes I’ve used wood, but I’m told that cloth is better, so I take two pieces of cotton and soak them with wood glue:

I also added the “popsicle” braces in the upper bout.

The braces ends have to be trimmed to length, and the linings have to be routed out to accept them:

The the top is glued on:


4 thoughts on “The last soundboard pics

    • Hi Chris,
      Good question!
      I just lay the braced back (or soundboard) on the rim, make sure the centerlines are all lined up right, then mark the brace locations with a scalpel. i should have gotten pics of that…

      • From the outside right? There are a lot of tasks that take place that are somewhat of a mystery to me. Another one is why did you choose a kerfed lining over a solid one like on other guitars? (I like the solid ones)


  1. Yep, from the outside.

    Kerfed linings are more traditional for steel string guitars. I actually prefer the solid myself also, but I had this on hand and wanted to use it. Also, this was the first time I used reversed kerf linings, and I wanted to see how I like them.

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