Two more hunters

Steel: D2, forged and hollow ground.

Hardness: 58-59 RC

Blade length: 3-3/4″

Total length: 8″ or so

Blade thickness: 5/32″ – 3/16″

Stainless guards, pins, and thong hole tubes.

Handle material: natural canvas micarta on one, black canvas micarta on the other.

Quite possibly the nicest hunters I’ve done in this style, in my opinion.


These are both for sale, btw.  If anyone wants one, I can share the prices.



5 thoughts on “Two more hunters

  1. Thanks! I’m not sure which one I like more. I’d say the one that sold first, but neither have sold yet. 😉

    How’s that chef knife working out? Have you had to sharpen it yet?

  2. Ohhh…the knife is GREAT! I touch it up sometimes but I don’t know that I really “have” to! Just sometimes if I cut meat or something I like to make sure it’s really sharp first!

    • Glad to hear it. Here’s a tip for helping to extend the life of the edge. (Maybe you already do this) After you’ve chopped up some stuff, use the spine instead of the edge to scrape it off the cutting board.

      BTW, just read your latest blog post. Congratulations! I hope it all ends up satisfactorily for all involved. 🙂

  3. Ahhh…didn’t think about the scraping thing! I’ll do that! I did cut through on of those flexible plastic cutting mats one day, so it really is sharp still!!!

    Thanks! We’re pretty excited…and hoping it does has a satisfactory ending! 🙂 So far, SO GOOD!

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