Making a gouge.

Hey all,

A while back I started building a violin, but stopped because I didn’t have all the tools and supplies I needed.   I’m wrapping up some guitar projects, and am going to take a break from those for a while, so decided to pick up where I left off with the violin.

So I placed an order with International Violin for some stuff I needed.  But I suffered some sticker shock when I saw how much they want for gouges.  😮 (Gouges are needed for carving the front, back, and neck scroll)  So, since I am, after all, an edged tool maker, as well as cheap, I decided to make some myself.

I don’t feel like typing a lot, so I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.  If anyone has any questions, please ask.































It’s tempering now, so should get it finished tomorrow…



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