Guitar number 15

Hey all,
Here’s my latest. It’s one that I kind of just threw together. The back and sides are second grade osage, and the neck was a reject from another project. The top is some nice cedar that a customer gave me. So it was very inexpensive. bliss I also used some of my remaining Sherwin Williams lacquer, which will not be replaced when it runs out, and I didn’t put much effort into the finish. This is going to be my “beater” guitar, mainly used for strumming.

The bridge and fretboard are desert ironwood, and the binding is cocobolo.

Body shape is OM/OOO. The nut width is 1-11/16″ and the scale length is 25.5″  12 frets to the body.

It sounds pretty good. It has better bass response than any of my other OMs.











Thanks for looking,



2 thoughts on “Guitar number 15

    • Hey Chris,
      No, I’ll keep using lacquer, just not the Sherwin Williams variety. It’s not made for instruments, and so it doesn’t get as hard as the good stuff.

      The cedar was very nice. As far as the sound goes, it’s difficult to say which is better. It sure does sound good, and it was nice to not have to glue together 6 pieces. 😉

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