What’s new here.

Not much, actually.  I guess I’ve just been busy doing normal, hum drum stuff, so I haven’t been inspired to post anything.  I have about a dozen knives, two ukuleles, two psalteries, and one guitar in progress.  Plus a violin.  All that’s keeping me pretty much out of trouble.

One thing I’d like to mention though, is a project that’s going on at the luthiers forum I’m a member of.  It called the “$150 Challenge”.  The rules are to make any instrument you want, using materials that are as local to you as possible, keeping the total cost under $150.  And it has to be done by the end of May.  Also, each participant has to post a thread documenting their process.

Piece of cake.

I decided to make an archtop steel string ukulele.  I went to my local sawyer and got some eastern red cedar for the top, catalpa for the neck, and walnut for the back.  I got some pine, but ended up not using it for this.  I’ll use it for some ukuleles.  The walnut for the sides were given to me by another luthier who lives not far away.  I’m using osage orange for the fingerboard and binding.

So, everything grew within 20 miles of my house.

I started this back in January, so I have lot’s of posts to copy here.

First installment:


The pieces for the top:

After planing and jointing:

Gluing together:


In other news, I sold a bowed psaltery on Etsy.  Yay!



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