Challenge build, Part 4

Here’s the outside of the top all scraped smooth:


I made this contraption for drilling out the back. I think it was set at about 5/32″.




Starting to remove the excess:


Just some dimples left. Next thing is to buy or make a thickness gauge.



I’d been putting off buying a thickness caliper, because they are so expensive. The other day I noticed that Menards sells dial gauges for $30, so I decided to make my own.

I used a deep C-clamp for the frame. Just take the screw out, and drill it to fit the gauge. Then drill another hole on the bottom for a post. I just used super glue to hold the pieces together. Some pics:




So I saved about $90. bliss

Here I’ve switched to a flatter gouge and removed almost all the way to the bottom of the dimples. I’ll use scrapers for the rest




3 thoughts on “Challenge build, Part 4

  1. O. K. so you built a “contraption” to bore away extra wood. What do violin makers and arch top builders normally use?


  2. Hi Chris,
    How ya doing?
    I suspect most makers use this technique nowadays. But here’s a picture of the actual tool that Stradivari used:

    It didn’t drill holes, it punched them. He would carve close to the finished thickness, then use this tool to punch little holes the right depth everywhere, then carve or scrape down to the bottom of the holes.

    • So that’s the actual tool he used. very cool! Has anyone ever made a gizmo like yours except instead of a drill have a router in its place? Probably to hairy huh?


      P. S. I’m good but work has been slow. Might have to take guitar building to make some extra money..Yea riiiight..

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