New knife.

This is a copy of one of the most famous knife designs from the last century.  It’s the Loveless Big Bear.  I’ll let you Google it if you want to learn more…


I tried to make one a year ago, but failed miserably.  This week I decided to try it again, knowing what I learned from before.  It turned out pretty well.  So well, the customer paid me more than I asked for it, which has never happened before.  He’s the perfect client.  Patient, easy to please, and generous.  🙂




Les Paul Number 2

This one isn’t actually quite finished.  I have to get some knobs for the pots, make the control cavity covers, fix a chip on the headstock, and some other finishing touches.  But it’s playable.

On the first LP, I used pickups that had Alnico 5 magnets in them.  This one has Alnico 2.  I’m new to electrics, so I wasn’t sure what the difference would be.  Now that I’ve played them both, I can say that the difference is obvious, but not dramatic.  I’d describe the difference as the Alnico 2 pickups as sounding “cleaner”.  I like them both though.

All the wood for this guitar (except for the ebony fretboard and headstock veneer) came from Menards.  The top is curly maple, the body and neck are mahogany.  The binding is cream ABS.


I’ll post more pics when it’s completely done.

I like this one a lot, even though it is a full pound heavier than my first one.  This one’s 9 pounds.



Well, I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks, but not too many projects have gotten finished.  I just finished spraying a 12 string electric guitar today, so that will be finished in a few weeks.  My second Les Paul is still curing, but only a week and half to go.

Today I finished pore filling an all mahogany SJ (small jumbo) that I started several months ago.  It’ll be my first all hog guitar, so I’m very interested in how it will sound.

Today I also finished a knife.  One that has a buyer lined up, too.  :thumbup:  Some pics:


The blade is Turkish Twist damascus, the guard is “regular” twist, of 1084 and pure nickel.  The handle is African Blackwood.

And that’s pretty much all that’s new here.