Uke #4, redux

Some of you might remember back in March when I posted my first electric ukulele.  Well, since then it’s gone through some major changes.  It was awfully heavy, so I hollowed it out, and made the profile more like a Les Paul.  It lost about 2 pounds.  I also moved the output jack at the same time.

Then I sprayed a purple burst on it.

Then, most recently, I made a magnetic pickup for it.  The pickup it had was a piezo type, which, while it works and is cheap, also has an annoying “quack” to it.

So, it sounds better and looks better.  In these pics, I hadn’t installed the 3 way switch, but it does have one now, for switching between the piezo and mag pickups.


I’ll post some sound clips as soon as I get my FTP working again…




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