Electric uke sound clip

Ok, I finally got my FTP working again, so here are a couple clips demonstrating the difference (or similarity) in sound between one of my LPs (number 2) and the uke I talked about in my last post.
The first clip is the LP, the second is the uke.  I’m using the same amp for both, and the same settings.

Les Paul guitar
Less Paul Uke

Not the greatest recording quality.  I’m afraid I had the microphone too close to the amp…

In other news, I won that $150 challenge I’ve mentioned before.  I haven’t received the prize yet, but it should be coming any day now.

The guys on the forum have decided to have another round this year yet.  So, since I won the first one, I thought it would be appropriate to be the sponsor of the next one. That means I make the rules, and provide the prize.  The prize (by popular demand) is going to be a damascus brace carving chisel, made by yours truly.



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