Of chisels.

Now, isn’t that an exciting title?

No?  Oh well.

Ok, I’m talking about two very different kinds of chisels.  In my last post, I had talked about my new part time job, and promised more pictures (which will no doubt hold all enthralled 😉 ), and I also mentioned sometime ago about the $150 Challenge, part 2, which I am sponsoring.  I’m making the prize, which is a damascus brace carving chisel.

First, the jackhammer bits.  They are called points, if they have four sides, and chisels, if they have two.

So, here’s one before I got to work on it.  Most of them don’t look this bad; I picked this one for it’s dramatic value. (cough cough)

Now that ugly end needs to be cut off, other wise you may just be forging a bunch of cracks and junk.  I use a chop saw to do that:

Now I heat up about 2″ of the end in my gas forge, and draw it out to a point under my Bradley hammer:

Then while the end is still hot (around 1500 to 1550 degrees F) I quench it in water to harden it.  Then it’s tempered for a couple hours at 475 degrees, then the tip is cleaned up on the grinder.  Here is a bunch of them ready to go back:

In the last couple weeks, I’ve done 185 of them.  It pays pretty well, and it’s nice to have work that doesn’t require much brain time…

Now, the other chisel.  To see the whole build, click here:

Chisel Build thread

But here are some pics of the finished product:

And a high resolution pic in case you want to look closer:


I’d encourage you all to follow along with the guys who are competing, and to vote for your favorite, come December.  You can find the threads here:

2012 Challenge Part 2

Thanks for looking,


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