Pickup assembly

Time to throw this pickup together.  Here’s a shot of all the parts:


Now the metal spacer is installed on the pole screws:


then the screws are inserted in the holes in the base plate:


then the magnet is inserted under the coil and against the spacer.  The “south” side of the magnet touches the spacer:


Then the other coil is put in place, and both coils are screwed lightly in place using the small brass screws.  I forgot to mention, the 4 conductor wire is put through a hole in the base plate before installing either coil…  When everything is in place (including the plastic spacers, which go under the outside edge of the coils), the screws are tightened.  Carefully. It’s easy to break them.




Here’s the wires sticking out.  Some of them need to be shortened, and all of them need about 1/4″ stripped:


Now the leads from the coils are soldered to the other wires.  I used the Seymour Duncan wiring scheme, which is as follows:

“south start” goes to green

south finish goes to red

north start goes to black

north finish goes to white

Like so:






Then the bare wire is soldered to the base plate and trimmed down:


Now the pickup is put inside the cover and clamped:


Then soldered:


Not a very clean solder joint, but it’ll hold.  😉
And here we are, a finished pickup:


I’m planning on putting these in my next electric, but I may try them out first on one I already have.



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