Making a knife, start to finish, part 4

Now I slot a thin spacer. This is to be used to align the guard and handle block.

The spacer is glued to the guard with CA (super glue) and then holes are drilled for locating pins:

Now the end of the handle block is cut to the correct angle, the shape of the handle is drawn on, and the outline of the tang is traced on:

Then a centerline is drawn on the end, and marks are made for the drill bit:

Now the block is put in the drill press vise, and the edge of the tang tracing is lined up with the drill bit:

Since regular twist drills can wander in some materials, I start the holes with brad point bits, then finish with the extra long twist drill:

Do the same with the other side:

then do the ones in between:

Then the webbing is removed using the drill bit:

and if it’s a tight fit (and this one was) material is removed with files and drill bits, until it slides all the way up:


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