Guitar number 13

This one was finished out of order.  I had it almost done about 18 months ago, but while I was doing the final polish, I sanded through the finish in one spot.  That took the wind out of my sails a bit, so I painted more lacquer over the offending area and set it aside.

Then last week decided it was time to finish it.  I very carefully sanded the lacquer level again in that spot, and almost sanded through again.  But it’s not too noticeable, and anyway, I’m done.  😀  I buffed it up, glued on the bridge and neck, and strung it up.

This is the third 12 string acoustic I’ve made, and I tried a few new things.  I used the shared-pin method, where the bridge only has 6 pins, with two strings per pin.  And I compensated the saddle, which should always be done anyway, but I just didn’t bother with the other two.  I also put two carbon fiber bars in the neck for added stability.

I used Arizona desert ironwood for the bridge, fretboard, and head stock veneer.  The bindings are curly maple.  The rosette is osage orange and abalone.  The top purflings are abalone also.  The top is lutz spruce, and the back and sides are osage orange.  The action needs some more work, but it sounds great!  I also need to make a cover for the truss rod access slot, and I need to level the frets.

That’s enough words, here’s some pictures:


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