Latest Custom Knife

This one was designed entirely by the customer (except for one little detail that I made a suggestion on).

Steel is D5, handle is desert ironwood.


I made another hammer dulcimer last week, which I’ll be posting pictures of soon.


BTW, I want to invite my readers to leave comments or ask questions.  Don’t be shy!


2 thoughts on “Latest Custom Knife

  1. Hello Phillip,

    I so enjoyed seeing all of your fine work! I’ve always been very impressed with the knives you make. Your new subhilt is exceptional! As an active guitarist I am really delighted to see your expertly made instruments. I especially love your Claro Uke…beautiful!

    Best regards,


  2. I am very impressed with your work as you alternate hard and stiff and soft fine

    I guess you play instruments you build?

    congratulations Phillip

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