Dulcimer pics

Here’s the new dulcimer I made last week.  It’s a 13/13 (which means there are 13 courses of strings on each bridge), which is a bit unusual.  These come in all sizes from 12/11 (and maybe smaller) on up.  Usually though, there’s one more course on the treble bridge than the bass, but I’ve always thought that it looked wrong for one of the scales to be missing a note.  So I fixed it.  This instrument has 8 complete scales.  (Is my OCD showing?)

Something else I did differently with this one is the placement of the bass bridge.  I’ve got it positioned so that the strings on the right side also make notes.  Usually these are wasted.  I have it so that the notes on the right side are one octave plus one half step higher than the notes on the left side.  Thus, the lowest note is a G, so the note on the right side is a G# an octave higher.  I haven’t sat down and figured it out yet, but I’ll bet this makes the instrument fully chromatic.

The soundboard is red mahogany, and the rest is black, except for the bridges and saddles.


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