What I did last week

I re-handled a knife.  A local customer had a Randall blade that he had bought and put a handle on years ago.  He wasn’t thrilled with his job, so he asked me to see what I could do with it.

I neglected to take a “before” picture, but here’s how it looks now:

And I put a handrubbed finish on the blade.

I also finished spraying this electric ukulele.  It has a mahogany body and claro walnut top.  It’s hanging in my closet right now, curing.  Should be done in a couple weeks, so I’ll post more pics then.

Seems like I did more than just that last week. Oh, yeah, I spent two or three days fixing and using the lawn mower.  In the hottest weather thus far this year….

Hope you all have a good week.  Me too.    😉

As always, thanks for reading, and your comments and questions are most welcome.


New Uke

Started this one a couple months ago, and just got it done.  I made it without the benefit of bending forms and heating blankets, not to mention my go-bar deck, so it was a little stretching for me.  It was my first time using Super Soft, and it made bending the curly maple go so much smoother.

It’s a tenor, so tuned GCEA.

The top, back and sides are all curly maple.  The neck is mahogany, the bridge and fretboard are desert ironwood.

The top has a plate under the bridge, but no fan braces.  Makes me a little nervous, but it’s holding together so far…

For the bridge I tried something different.  Instead of using one hole per string, and then tying them on, I drilled three holes per string, and the string is passed through each hole, locking it in place.  The skinnier strings had to have a ball melted on the end, because they wanted to pull through…