New ukulele

Finally got this one done, after letting it sit on the shelf for months half finished. At least, it might be done; I may add a logo inlay to the headstock, which would mean refinishing that area…

Anyway, the body and neck are mahogany, the top is claro walnut (gorgeous stuff!) and the other wood parts are all african blackwood.

It has a single humbucker, made by yours truly, wired for series/parallel. Sounds pretty good! I’ll try to record a sample, but my recording setup leaves something to be desired…

Of course this is pretty unconventional, and I may never sell it for that reason (though I’d like to), but I have a thing about weird instruments, and I just had to make it. Now I’m thinking about making a soprano size (this one is a tenor).

Thanks for looking, and as always, your comments or questions are welcome!