Subhilt fighter

Hey all,

I just finished this one yesterday. This knife was based on Bob Loveless’ Big Bear design. The materials and construction are a bit unconventional though.

Steel: O1 and L6, twist pattern, about 150 layers

Blade length: about 8″

Blade thickness: just over 1/4″

Handle material: stabilized curly koa

Fittings: 416 stainless

Thanks for looking!


New knife, and new guitar.

Here’s a big custom knife I just finished. The blade is 12″ of D2, and the handle is black canvas micarta with stainless hardware.

And here’s that guitar I’d mentioned in a previous post. I spent a few hours this week finishing it up, so now it’s ready to rock and roll. 😉 I was hoping I could sell this one, but there are some flaws in the finish which prevent me from doing so. Although if someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, I might be persuaded otherwise. 🙂 It’s a really nice guitar overall…

Have a good week,

A hunting knife for myself

Every year or two I like to make myself a knife to carry around and use to death. These are usually blades that I started to make for sale, but one way or another didn’t turn out good enough. (In other words, I screwed up somehow.)

This one has a pretty complex damascus pattern (Gordians Knot for the blades, opposing twist for the guard). It was disqualified because my makers mark was way off. Some of it is actually under the guard… The handle is african blackwood.

A bunch of recent knives

So, here’s the knife post I promised. These are all the knives I’ve made since I last posted one.

A big custom chopper:

A santoku:

A hunter:

Another custom chopper:

A custom hunter:

A knife for a sailor:

A damascus hunter:

And lastly a dagger/boot knife I made for myself:

Thanks for looking