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Well, it’s still winter, so things are still moving a little slowly. But, praise God, the ice and snow are finally melting. So there’s hope, and a reason to go on. 😉

I’ve been working on a couple of nice fighters for a customer, and I’ll probably be posting those here in a day or two. But today I’m going to post a knife that was supposed to be one of those blades. I was doing the final sanding and etching, when I found a crack in the steel, inside the choil. I’ve rarely ever had a blade crack, and never in this place or manner. I’ve no idea what caused it, but it must have happened in the quench, because I would have noticed it before that.

Anyway, I of course couldn’t sell it, so I finished it out and and put on it a guard and block of walnut that were rejects from other projects.

So, here’s some pictures of one of my failures:

Back in december, I started building an electric cello, based on this one I found online:


I finished it a few weeks ago. It sounds reasonably good. I did not spend much money on strings, (you can spend well over $100 just for one cello string) so I’m sure if I upgraded them, it would sound even better. The C and G strings seem particularly weak to me.

My design has a lot of guitar elements in it.

I’m sure I’ll be making an acoustic soon…


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