Latest work

Here are the pictures of the knife I mentioned in my last post. It has 25,000 layers of W2 and wrought iron. At that layer count, you can’t see the layers, like on a regular damascus blade, so I tried to heat treat this one with a hamon, but it didn’t turn out as interesting as I’d hoped. You can see some of the wood grain pattern from the welding though.

The blade is 9-1/8″ long, and about 5/16″ thick at the guard, with some serious distal taper. The clip is sharpened, and the blade is finished to 1000 grit. The guard is stainless, with the insides of the lugs mirror finished. The handle is ironwood.

This one is going to Australia.

And here is a recurved utility in W2 and G-10:

And lastly, a couple hunters. Both blades are 52100. One handle is ivory micarta with red liners, the other is green canvas micarta.

The last three are available for sale, btw.

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Latest knife

Howdy all,
Here’s my most recent knife. It’s a 9″ recurved fighter, with a desert ironwood handle, and the blade is twisted, laddered, W’s.

Soon I’ll be posting about an interesting project I’ve been working on. A knife with 25,000 layers in it. Should be ready in a few days.