Camera kit for sale

Hey all,
I have a Canon T3 crop sensor DSLR camera for sale, along with two lenses. This is a great kit. I’m only selling it because I just upgraded to a full frame body. So I don’t need this body, and the two lenses won’t work with my new one. Too bad, because I REALLY like the 18-135mm STM lens. It’s a great do-all lens.

I bought this body in July of 2014, and the upgraded lens a few months later. I’m not sure what the exact shutter count is, but I think it’s between 4 and 5 thousand.

The body and lenses are in excellent, like new condition, except for a few minor scratches on the body. I’ve taken very good care of it. It’s never been dropped or anything like that.

Both lenses have caps, and the body as well.

This lens came with the body. I’ve not used it much at all, though it takes good pictures. You don’t really need it, because the other one is much better, so my advice is to sell it and buy some filters or a hood or something.

Here’s both lenses you’ll be getting:

All this comes with it. I never filled out the warranty/registration, so I’m including them. I don’t know if you’ll be able to use them though.

A couple cables. One is the USB cable for hooking up to your computer, I think the other is an A/V cable for TV hookup.

I’m also including the battery charger (forgot to take a picture of it) and a 32G Sandisk SD card.

I’m asking $500. I can take paypal or check/MO.

If you’re interested, just post a comment, or email me.


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