My name is Phillip Patton.  I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been a full time bladesmith for about 6 years (as of 2011).

For fun I like to build things.  My current interest is musical instruments.  So far I’ve made 11 guitars, 6 bowed psalteries, 6 hammer dulcimers, and 3 mountain dulcimers in the last 2 years.  A harp and a couple violins are some more I’d like to build soon.




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Phillip,

    My name is Philip Patton and I am 19 years old. Today I had some free time while waiting for something and I decided to Google my name. I was pleasantly surprised to find your website (pattonblades) when I did. This is because of several things: I do viking live steel reenactment, I am learning how to build violins, and I want to learn blacksmithing-bladesmithing… So I find what you do to be very cool!

    Well I guess all I wanted to accomplish in this letter is to say is hi from another Philip Patton, and ask if you have any advise on where I can go to learn more about blacksmithing?

    Philip Patton

  2. Hey Phillip,
    I was doing searches for a fighter similar to walter brends #2 fighter. I saw one today at a gunshow that was parkarized and loved the feel but not the price. I came across your name on bladeforums where I’m fbusmc
    I went to your site and found some of your beautiful work. A couple with the fighter look I was looking for. Do you still make them and what would the price range be?
    Frank moore

  3. Hey Phillip,
    I was doing research on building dulcimers and found your post on one of your rebuilds. Can you provide more details on lumber sizes for the pin blocks along with pin layout instructions? Most of the other information seems to be self explanatory.

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